Our Business Model

Free tokens to consumers for their first transactions and their frequency

Free tokens for sign-up & referral bonuses

Free tokens to home owners utilizing the FEEDCHAIN platform

We keep our consumers by being a brand

We advertise and market the Feedchain platform

We allow rare recourse monetizing on the Feedchain platform

Key Features

Individuals use their personal houses to sell

No more high restaurant opening and running costs


Cheaper rates to the consumers.

Consumer pay less for such service than for restaurant, so sellers are more compatible, buyers are more satisfied with prices


Diversity of cultures around the globe.

That means tons of different dishes with different varieties


Transparency due to decentralized databases

Problem of transparency is solved – once & for alls


No data manipulation due to blockchain & open ledger.

Users’ data are protected – you may feel yourself in safe environments


Trusted Buyers and Sellers

The beauty of blockchain is that every transaction is displayed openly on a ledger for everyone to see. This provides a great deal of trust between Feedchain buyers and sellers

Our Plans

Implement successful business methodologies from successful Business moguls

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Jeff Bezoz

CEO, Amazon

"The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer. Our goal is to be earth's most customer-centric company."

Feedchain sees great value in this quote.

Our Roadmap

Q1 2017

Inception of the Feedchain platform project

Q2 2017

Marketing & Technical research

Q4 2017

Planning of the ICO campaign

Q1 2018

Creation of the White Paper and the website

Q1 2018

Development of Ethereum-based smart contracts

Q3 2018

Pre-sale, work on the demo version of the platform

Q3 2018

Main round of the ICO. Work on the final version of the platform, development of iOS and Android Feedchain Platform apps

Q4 2018

Testing the Feedchain Platform. Integration of the FEED token, creation of personal cryptocurrency wallets

Q4 2018

Integration with largest exchanges

Q1 2019

Feedchain BETA evaluation

Q2 2019

The Feedchain platform becomes fully operational.

The Core Team

Meet the young and talented team behind the development and marketing of the platform of a new economy

Members Thumb
Elvis Chi

CEO and Founder/Solution Architect

Members Thumb
Alexandra Ivanskaya

Senior Marketing Supervisor

Members Thumb
Rodrigo Queiroz

Front End Developer

Members Thumb
Hira Siddiqui

Blockchain Developer

Members Thumb
Oleksii Toporkov

Business Developer

Members Thumb
Nenad Jelavic

Web Developer

Members Thumb
Ana Jankovska

Social Media Marketing

Members Thumb
Malik Umair

Ethereum Developer

Members Thumb
George Felicita Jr.

Project Supervisor

Members Thumb
Farhana Shorna

Marketing Assistant

Members Thumb
Emily Newmen

Copy Writer

Members Thumb
Ravi Kumar

Content Developer/Social Media Advisor

Advisory Board


Giovanni Casagrande

ICOBench Expert & Growth Hacker
Adviser at Feedchain


Mark Beedles

ICO Investor & Advisor
CEO & Founder at Crypto Investment Club

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We have proudly featured in popular news publications such as.


To make it a state of the art decentralized platform on which people can use their houses as home-based restaurants, and farmer’s fishers, or gardeners can use their houses as home-based farmer’s markets.
It will allow peer to peer mode of payment. It would be used for daily transactional activities happening within the FEEDCHAIN financial ecosystem, for buying and selling food and other agricultural products.
High restaurant opening and running costs, Lack of food variety, Higher rates to the consumers, No Access to Basic Banking, and Lack of transparency.
It promotes peer to peer exchange and store of value between users securely, efficiently at reduced costs.


We are launching this ICO because we need funds for expanding and improvement of our project and for its maintenance.
There is a full instruction on how to do that. Click on Join Presale on the menu bar.
You can sell tokens after the end of ICO. Our tokens will be distributed on the exchanges that sell utility tokens so you will have an opportunity to sell tokens there.
We are planning to finish Feedchain by April but we are going to show the alpha version of the platform before the ICO. Also, the alpha version of the app will be available at the end February and ready will be available in March.
Quote: Yes, Feed tokens can be traded at exchanges for other cryptocurrencies. After the end of ICO, We plan for Feed tokens to be listed on token exchanges that sell utility tokens.
Quote: You can check the vehicle's history which is stored in decentralized Blockchain database with the help of the token. Also the main role of token is to make the system absolutely clear and honest when it comes to the payments between a client and a data provider. Also with time we believe that our system will be extremely popular and clients will be able to pay for different services with our tokens because of many partnerships that we are going to have.

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